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Ultimate Trackable Lanyard - Ground Zero Geocaching Supplies

Ultimate Trackable Lanyard



We don’t call this the Ultimate Lanyard for nothing. GeoKnots took all the things that geocachers need in a lanyard, and made it even better. You won’t have to trust your expensive GPS, smart phones, cameras, and other electronic gear to a flimsy strap any longer. Each Ultimate Lanyard is proudly made by geocachers, for geocachers from super-strong U.S.-made survival paracord. Plus - it's trackable!

Each Ultimate Lanyard system includes:
Fully adjustable length to comfortably fit any geocacher.
Two interchangeable, quick-disconnect attachment ends for your GPS or other equipment (7.5cm, long and 15cm long) for additional flexibility.
Safety breakaway feature with sliding hand-tied ranger knots.
Built-in emergency whistle on each quick-disconnect attachment.
Hardware attachment pack for your electronics — a sturdy metal snap hook, two mini quick-disconnect cables, and two mini split rings.

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