2017 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag Set


2017 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag Set 2017 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag Set

2017 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag Set



 Are you someone that gets excited about GIFF or movies or movie projectors or geocoins? Your reels are going to be spinning for this super cool GIFF Geocoin!  This coin is so cool, we thought it would be hard to send traveling, so a matching travel tag is included! Keep the coin close while sending the tag out to project the moments, once geocache at a time.

The 2017 Geocaching International Film Festival will be held from November 2-6 at locations throughout the world. There will be 16 finalists who will be featured during the festival, and a special digital souvenir for all that attend an event! 

For more information or to plan your event click here.

  • Designed by Roxxy at Geocaching.com, this amazing coin shows both sides of the official GIFF projector.
  • A matching travel tag is included with an identical code to the coin. That way you can send the tag traveling and keep the beautiful coin in your collection.
  • Trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon.
  • Geocoin dimensions approximately: 5.4cm wide and 4.5cm tall.
  • Trackable Tag dimensions approximately 4.5cm wide and 3.8cm tall.
  • A chain is included for hitchhiking.

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